Sofie Lee



As a student, he/she is obligated to submit their works on time. He/she is obligated to manage the time professionally in order to be called a “good student”. It is true that in the reality, the companies expect the students to be ready professionally. In fact, it is crucial that how the students well manage the time and be able to finish on time. However, each individuals has different abilities. Therefore, the app is created to help students to simplify their life, so they can focus on their dream.

The story of MINIME is narrated by Sofie who is a design student at Savannah College of Art and Design.
In the beginning, Sofie speaks candidaly of her difficulties as a student. Then, she finds the problem and attempt to solve the problem through an app is called “MINIME”. After using the app, she can finally simplify her life and focus on her study.